Deep Covered Baker Microwave Recipes

Deep covered baker microwave recipes – Microwave egg custard recipe.

Deep Covered Baker Microwave Recipes

deep covered baker microwave recipes


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deep covered baker microwave recipes – Sassafras Superstone

Sassafras Superstone Covered Baker
Sassafras Superstone Covered Baker
This Superstone® French Bread Baker produces a traditional Italian loaf of bread with a very crispy crust and light crumb. 14.5″L x 5.18″ W x 2.5″H

This heavy, natural-colored baker duplicates the effects of a brick-lined oven, distributing heat and absorbing moisture to produce crisp-crusted breads. It can also duplicate the clay-pot-method of cooking other foods, like beef with vegetables. Its domed lid-with-handle has a lip that fits onto the oblong bottom. For bread, the final rise takes place right in the baker. It works in conventional and convection ovens and even in a microwave. Recipes are included. –Fred Brack

diaper covers

diaper covers
these are most of the diaper covers that i have.
what’s missing from the picture:
1 gdiaper cover
1 gdiaper liner
1 newborn white litewrap
1 small print litewrap
2 gdaipers in medium size (not in use yet)

Wreck This Journal – Cover – Take 1

Wreck This Journal - Cover - Take 1
I’ve taken pictures of the cover, but I decided to also scan it so it could be posted right away. It’d probably be best viewed large.

I just love stickers!

deep covered baker microwave recipes

deep covered baker microwave recipes

CorningWare French White 2-1/2-Quart Round Casserole Dish with Glass Cover
Corningware French White 2-1/2-quart covered round dish. Includes 1-each 2-1/2-quart covered round dish. The recipe for a great dish starts, surprisingly, with a great dish! Corningware French White bakeware proves that when it comes to food preparation, few things are more convenient than baking and serving in one dish. With its classic, fluted design, French White oven-to-table bakeware imparts a traditional elegance that is a perfect complement to any decor. Versatile yet stylish, Corningware French White is simple, from start to finish!

Most of us have become masters of multitasking–answering phones, checking e-mail, and reading simultaneously, and Corningware follows suit with dishes designed for the microwave, oven, tabletop, dishwasher, and refrigerator. Corningware’s French White bakeware combines the functionality of classic designs with contemporary styling. This 2-1/2-quart round baking dish is ideal for pastas, casseroles, or meats, and features a glass lid with an easy-to-grasp handle (but as with all Corningware and other ceramic or glass bakeware, you’ll always need to use potholders when handling the dish or its lid). The dish itself has no handles; however, its impressive 10-year warranty (one year on the glass lid) more than compensates for this shortcoming. –Ariel Meadow Stallings